Monday, January 11, 2010


Beautiful Finnish Winter........

It just doesn't get any more beautiful than right this very minute or day!! Even the Finns say it is the prettiest winter!!! Everything looks 'sugar coated' described by our wonderful temple matron, Sisar Auli Haikkola!
Just every where you turned there was beautiful (kaunis) snow clinging onto every single tree limb, branch, twig, everything!! It is so cold right now that nothing is going to melt anytime soon! When is spring anyway?
The Hauvu's waiting for their bus after church on Sunday. Even they seemed to enjoy being out int he cold enjoying the beauty of the day.
The Temple.......
the fence.......
the trees!!! Heavenly Father's creations in all their splendor!! KIITOS PALJON for the wonderful 'show'!!!

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