Thursday, January 21, 2010

P A R T Y ..........

Sorry........I just have to add a few more comments about last nights impromptu party with the Russians!

We have learned that these people of just a lot of fun! They can make a party out of almost any occasion! And that they did last night.

After their weekly testimony meeting, they moved from the conference room (where the meeting was held) to the kitchen area for some refreshments.
We were invited! We tried politely to turned that invitation down.....not wanting to interfere with 'their' event! They would NOT take NO for an answer.......hands on hips and they pointed for us to go to the kitchen! So cute!
Just watching them interact with each other.....listening to their jabber away with each other. It was just a lot of fun to sit and watch.....even though we could understand virtually nothing that was being said. We didn't let that stop us.
The two temple missionary couples also joined in the festivities....the Peciulis and the Zaretskij's.
We had ice cream and 'apple pie' which was not really apple pie as we American's know apple pie. was the company and the festivities that were fun! Then they served some kind of hot drink they called herbal. It did not have any sugar in it....probably would have been better if it had some. It was something like 'blackberry' or some kind of berry.
Toward the end of the refreshments, this guy started singing and within about 2 notes everyone was singing Russian songs!! Sooooo cool!!! And this guy is Finnish! Don't know how he got involved with all of this. I think he may also be staying in the asuntola! I have seen him at the temple this week. At any rate, he had a beautiful voice. I could have listened to him all night. He has a son serving a mission in the far reaches of Siberia! He just fit right in.


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