Thursday, January 14, 2010

(Torstai - Thursday)
One thing Wayne remembered as a young missionary here in Finland some 45 years ago, was their delicious riisi puuro for breakfast! He has wanted that for the longest time. We finally found a bag of PUURORIISI in the grocery market. That is the KEY ingredient to making RIISI PUURO! It was very good. Add sugar and cinnamon to the top and you have a hearty breakfast.
I was needed to work in the office this morning. So I went up early. Wayne came up a bit later. As a result, it was, obviously DARK when we got out tonight.
Just as the last week or two has been just absolutely KAUNIS, tonight was NO exception! We had to get to the apartment and start taking pictures again!
We saw the Akakoski's at the temple tonight. They told us that the KAUNIS weather we have been having is just NOT normal at all for southern Finland. This is typical of Lapland weather! Now we don't have to go back to Lapland. Lapland has come to us! KIITOS PALJON!
I know this can't last forever so we will just sit back and relax and enjoy every day of this that we possibly can!
There is no other way to describe it than to is BRIGHT WHITE and SUGAR COATED EVERYTHING! KAUNIS, KAUNIS, KAUNIS!!

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