Monday, February 28, 2011


Monday, and time to return back to Espoo where we belong! It has been a wonderful week visiting to Italy and with Allgaier cousins in Bavaria.
We have been staying at Traudel's B & B when we visit family because she has a wonderful place. Traudel's daughter, Andrea, is married to Gotfried, our 4th cousin. Here we are with Traudel and another daughter, Sylvia. Sylvia speaks English so well and translates a lot for us when she is around. Traudel fixes such a wonderful breakfast! DANKE Traudel!!
Getting the luggage in our little rental car......and headed out....
It was cloudy when we left and we couldn't get a good picture of those gorgeous ALPS behind the house....but we knew they were there!
We like to drive the 'scenic' route when we go back to Munich to the airport.......and that always takes us through a part of AUSTRIA.
And a great view of the ALPS and the ZUGSPITZ....except today because of the clouds!
We stopped in GARMISCH to have lunch. Because we were running a bit late we only had time for McDONALD'S!! :-( Sorry, but it was still good.....when you are hungry!
One last shot of downtown GARMISCH.....
And a 'VISIT' with some of the 'local folks'........
We are now HOME * SWEET * ASUNTOLA * HOME!! We know the next 2 months will go by quickly! The next airplane we will be on will take us to our HOME * SWEET * HOME in Brunswick Maryland! We are NOT trunky.....just trying to be realistic about what is to come!


  1. Garmisch brings back many fond memories, one of which was this is where I saw my first "Smart" car---many years before they would be imported to the US market!

  2. It is one of our favorite places to go to when we go to Bavaria! We just love it there.....our first Smart Car? It was in Salzburg, Austria! Cutest little thing we thought way back when! Glad you could 'join' us for our trip 'south' for warmer weather! :-)