Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It was a pretty day in and around the asuntola on Wednesday. The 'measurable snow' made everything just so WHITE!! Just WHITE......don't know how anything could be any whiter than it was. BEAUTIFUL!
I saw Sistra Tatjana Oleshevko walking up to the temple. I made her a cross stitch bookmark. She is from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is just a sweetie! Not much 'talking' because of the language thingie but she and I have always had a special friendship for the whole time we have been here!
Sistra Larissa Vesalova is here for a couple of days. You may remember her from our visit to St. Petersburg last month. She and her husband, Victor, showed us a great time. Wayne and Kent 'cut up' a bit outside of her room here at the asuntola!
We had given her some pretty tulips along with some other 'goodies'.
And we had to have a little group picture.
"Mamarazzi' was the picture taker for us......Sistra Valentina Zaretskaja, also from St. Petersburg. What great people ....... ALL of them!

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