Monday, February 7, 2011

In Downtown Helsinki on P-Day!

We are missionaries after all!! And the opportunity comes up all the time as we are out and about. 'People' want to know how it is that my good husband can speak the Finnish language so fluently!! That makes it an 'easy in' as to what we are doing here in Finland. (Husband served as a missionary some 46 years ago as a young missionary for MYÖHEMPIEN AIKOJEN PHYIEN JEESUKSEN KRISTUKSEN KIRKKO. We have been asked to come back and volunteer our time in the Helsinki Finland Temple and help those members of the church who come seeking the blessings that await them there) Folks are always impressed with that and often want to know more.
Above, meet L- Sonja and R- Aira. Aira owns and operates a souvenir shop in downtown Helsinki. We have been going there on occasion for the past 20 months! We have gotten to know Aira quite well. We decided we wanted to give her a Book of Mormon. She gave us a book last week when we were shopping there. Sonja is a good friend of hers and she happened to be in the shop as well. After talking with the two of them for 2 hours (!) we invited them to come to Haaga Ward on Sunday because we are both speaking in Sacrament Meeting. Aira has to work i her shop but we think that Sonja sounded quite interested in attending. We need to get a Book of Mormon for her as well! We just never know what might become of any of this but we have 'planted a seed' that we hope will grow into something wonderful for them! We will keep you posted! It was a wonderful day!! Missionary Work is GREAT!

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