Saturday, February 26, 2011


Everytime we come to see our Allgaier cousins here in Germany we say it will never be as good as the 'last time' we were here. But you know just keeps on getting better!
We stayed at Traudel's again this time. This is a 200 year old home (you know, the kind with the barn attached to the house). Very cool. This was our room this time. The one we usually have was taken by some visiting friends of Traudel's.
We were off to Gotfried ad Andrea's for a BIRTHDAY BRUNCH to honor TOBIAS's 13th birthday. Elisa even surprised us by showing up on her way to Switzerland for a convention.
It was truly a family affair with this fun to see everyone again. Pia, the youngest of the two daughters, is quite the musician. (By way of information, we is the Disney Rapanzel (spelling not correct) voice for the German version and she sings all of the songs! She is a very talented musician as such a young age. She wrote a song especially for Tobias and sang it for him! It was AWESOME!
Tobias seemed to really like his FINLAND T-SHIRT we gave him for his birthday, along with a Finland ball cap.
After the brunch, it was time to hike over to the SKI LIFTS for a gondola ride to the top of the mountain. It was a nice walk from their home.......
Andrea took this picture of Wayne and I from the inside of the gondola as we rode to the top.
This is the half-way point where we picked up another gondola.
And.....THE TOP of the mountain where we could look out and see so very far on such a gorgeously beautiful day. Could not have asked for a better day. Off in the distance you can see (almost dead-center) the ZUGSPITZ, Germany's highest mountain. We have actually been to the top of that and it has an amazing view. The mountains to the right in the picture are actually in Austria.
A closer up view of the ZUGSPITZ......
and a view of the NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE in the middle above the pole. We could even see that. It is located in Fussen.
Before going back down the mountain we had a little 'group' picture taken.....Left to right: Wayne, Vicki, Traudel, Gotfried and Andrea.
A view of Nesselwang as we were taking a drive out of town.
Pretty 'sunset' at the back from Gotfried and Andrea's home.
Night lights on the ski lift......
And we ended up in the INTERNET CAFE where we had a nice dinner (believe it or not) and were able to work on our computers. In the 200 year old home, there is NO internet! This was actually a very nice place with very nice people. There is also a very nice swimming pool. We will have to remember this the next time we come here.
Tomorrow: We will be going to the Kaufbeuren Ward. Traudel has asked to go with us. We are glad for that.


  1. Vickie--I love the Neuschwanstein Castle--one of my favorites built by King Ludwig--who almost bankrupted the country during his castle building spending spree! Last time we toured, it was being cleaned on the outside. Have a good week! "Habe eine schoene Woche"


  2. KIITOS PALJON (Danke schön) is one of our favorites too! And it is only about 10 minutes from our Nesselwang Allgaier family!