Thursday, February 3, 2011


Meet Brother and Sister Templeton. They are from New Zealand! How on earth are they 'connected' to us!?
They helped out with the MTC in New Zealand before coming on their mission to RUSSIA. While at the MTC they got to know the MTC President and his wife pretty well. In fact, their brother-in-law was a counselor to the MTC President. The 'short version' of the 'long story' is that the MTC PRESIDENT is my UNCLE!!.......Uncle Mel and his wife, Aunt Denise......PRESIDENT AND SISTER MARION. They were called to serve out the remainder of the previous MTC President's assignment. He had to go home for health reasons. Uncle Mel and Aunt Denise got a phone call from President Monson...."How quickly can you be ready to go to New Zealand?" they were asked. Within a week or so they were off! And after one year there they got another phone call from President Monson......"Can you extend for another 2 years?".....of course they did and what a wonderful experience they had. The Templeton's remember Uncle Mel and Aunt Denise very well and visa versa!! What a small world in the church. I made and gave a little round cross stitch picture of the Helsinki Finland Temple to them. We will have returned from our mission when their next 'rotation' of 3 months comes along for them renewing their visas!!

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