Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You may recall that when we arrived here in the Helsinki Temple Mission Field in June 2009, I decided I wanted to 'make' something with my own hands to give to folks as a little remembrance of their visit here to the temple. I don't have many talents but I can at last cross stitch. I decided to make little cross stitch pictures or bookmarks (to use with their scriptures). Wayne was good enough to make my 'pattern' for me since there are NO patterns for mini-temple pictures.

Well, over the last two days I have given TWO MORE cross stitch bookmarks. I decided to add up the number I have made and given. Unfortunately, I have not kept track of all of them, but most. This makes at least 250 of them!! I had no idea that I had made that many!! They are in all part of FINLAND, RUSSIA, ESTONIA, LITHUANIA, SWEDEN and the USA....and maybe some places I don't even remember!
Above, Eliisa Smith (a former temple missionary here) was here over the last week or so for her brother's funeral. I thought she certainly 'needed' one!
And Sisar Ritva Hämäläinen from the Lapparanta Ward. She was our little 'guide' when we visited the Open House of the new chapel in Tampere a week or so ago. And she is a wonderful, faithful temple worker!

Love all of these great people. I hope I have been able to leave a little part of our love for them by giving these little remembrances!

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