Sunday, February 27, 2011


Traudel asked if she could go to church with us today! Of course we were very happy that she wanted to! We think she enjoyed it. And she stayed for the full 3 hours.
It was a little drizzly as we drove over to and back from Kaufbeuren but it was still a beautiful drive.
In the afternoon we drove over to Kempten to visit Elisa and her mother, Sigrid. It was fun to see them again. They moved to this new (remodeled) flat back in November. It is situated along the ILLER RIVER. A beautiful view of it too.......
The inside is very nice and inviting and relaxing.
We then drove over to say good-bye to Gotfried and Andrea and Tobias. It has been a great weekend being with our family here in Nesselwang. We will miss them. Not sure when we will be able to get back. Maybe we need to be 'called on a mission' to Allgaier country! :-)

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