Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Even though it was a 'chilly' day here in Venezia, it was a beautiful blue sky. And the sun shining made it feel like it was actually warmer! We loved walking around the streets and walking over the bridges. We have been told there are more than 400 bridges! Good grief!
We had fun looking in lots o nice shops for a purse for me to buy......I wanted one from Italy!
GONDOLA rides were a must to do! And we took one........
We saw a LOT of boats on the little 'canal roadways' that we were on.
Our little driver told us if he sang the blue skies would darken up and rain. He did WHISTLE for us though.......
Next on the docket to walk to was the FISH MARKET! Incredible to see.......
As we were walking some of the 'back streets' and alley ways, we saw the GONDOLA PARKING LOT! There are so many of those around.
It was a fun day today.....tomorrow we are off to two more Islands.......MURANO and LIDO.

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