Sunday, February 20, 2011


We visited Haaga Ward today. It was wonderful and Sonja even came again! The Sisar Missionaries will be meeting with her on Tuesday. We will see how things progress.
Tonight was a WONDERFUL concert from a group of single adults from German speaking countries....mainly Germany and Switzerland.
The concert was held at the Marjaniemi Ward. We just had to get a good picture of that HAAGA SMOKE STACK that we always pass. A landmark for us!
Pretty setting as we parked our car and walked through the parking lot.
What can we say about the choir!! FANTASTIC comes to mind. So glad we did not miss this opportunity.
After 3 encores it came to an end.....and so sad for that.
TOMORROW: P-DAY.....and totally different. We are headed to the airport early for our flight down to Munich, Germany and then on down to Italy. We will be away for about a week while the temple is closed.

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