Saturday, February 5, 2011


What in the world is say! Johan Ludwig Runeberg was

More on him in a minute, after a couple of pictures.
On the way up to the temple this morning at about 7:30 I noticed the SPRING BIRDS chirping away....they sounded so pretty. If you look really carefully you can see one small one in the middle tree above. Not sure how they are able to find food with all of the snow. Bless their little hearts! There is HOPE that spring will come at some point!
Because today is RUNEBRGPÄIVÄ! And that means it is a FLAG DAY!! Flags are only flown on 'special days' here in Finland. SO.....if you see a flag a flyin', you know it is a special day.
In the picture above, if you look very carefully you can see two people who are hoisting the flag up......Wayne is on the right. This was done at 7:30 O'DARK-HOUR!!!
As we came home from the temple we noticed the flag was trying to 'fly' but the wind just was not cooperating.
A light, pretty, fluffy snow was falling as the lights on the temple came on.....and the flag still trying to 'fly'!!
Sisar Vorimo, one of the assistants to the temple matron, made some RUNEBERG CAKES yesterday and brought them to us at the temple today. They are soooo yummy. She is a great cook. These are only made and sold at this time of the year.......Legend has it (according to some Finns) that Runeberg's wife made these every day for her husband because they were his favorites. They are delicious but also very filling. Don't know how he could eat one every day.

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