Friday, February 11, 2011

Y - E - S

We have had one extension! That is the limit for us. We will be leaving on April 30th to head back to our home in America! We keep 'thinkin' and 'wonderin' what our home is like there! Can't remember how messy we might have left it as we hurriedly left for the MTC! Well, it doesn't really matter because being gone for 2 years......we can blame it on that now can't we!
As evidenced by the BOX above, we mailed 2 more boxes home today (at least to S & E's home). That makes a total of 4 boxes so far with about that many more to go! Doing these things makes it 'kind of real' for us that we really are going home to see our family and friends. We are excited about that but also very, very sad to leave a wonderful people and friends and country that we have come to love, love, love!! We still have 2 months and a lot to do and we are keeping ourselves really, really busy trying to do it all!!
Can't let a day go by without a picture of the temple....and this one was really COOL because of the sun actually showing in the picture.

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