Thursday, February 10, 2011


Before we started our shift this afternoon in the temple, we needed to make a 'HOUSE CALL' to the Mission Office so Wayne could see a couple of missionaries with some minor medical problems. (Wayne hasn't made many house calls since he retired from his medical practice!) We decided to take some pictures along the way of 'normal sights' that we see all the time.
As we walked up to the bus stop we decided 'one more picture' from the side road was in order. A pretty sky and white! That is where Finland gets it's national colors.....from the beautiful BLUE sky and WHITE snow! AAAHHH....only took me 21 months to figure that one out.
This is a view we don't often take pictures of because of the trees blocking the temple. Today, we decided we needed to take one....pretty sunrise taking place.
After a bus ride transferring to the train, this sports bar is at the end of the line.
And our 'two guys' guarding the train station.....well, that is something we have taken pictures of before.....just decided to take another one since they were 'sporting' snow a little more this time.
The trolley goes right past the 'BIG WHITE LUTHERAN CHURCH' in downtown Helsinki. You can see there is a lot of snow on those numerous steps. Too much to shovel and too many steps! Notice that beautiful BLUE sky again! With the WHITE snow!

Two missionaries seen and back to the Temple we go to work!

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