Thursday, February 24, 2011


It was a beautiful day....even though it was on the chilly side. NO SNOW anywhere in sight! We did a LOT of walking.......over bridges, tiny narrow streets......and rode a LOT of boats! Here we are approaching MURANO ISLAND.
And the sign even 'proves' that we arrived!
And to make sure we KNEW that the MURANO GLASS is made here.....a sign to prove that too!
Gorgeous GLASS everywhere....including 'statues' along the walkways. So many unusual things and very, very pretty!
We decided we wanted to check out this MUSEMO on glass making. Very interesting albeit 'brief'.
Love LIGHTHOUSES....and we added this one to our list of 'have seen that one'!
It was on to LIDO ISLAND next.....about a 20 minute and 2 boats-ride to get there. Like take a bus or having to transfer.
Lido Island is a very narrow Island. We got off the boat on one side and walked over to the other side where there was a beautiful beach.
We gathered a LOT OF SEASHELLS to take back to Espoo with us.
Wayne (above) was doing a little 'wave dance' to miss the waves from getting him too wet. A nice lady and her two children were walking along the beach. Wayne took a picture of them and in turn she took a picture of us. Nice when it works out like that.
This body of water, by the way, is the ADRIATIC SEA which feeds into the
We headed back over to Venezia Island when we finished there. Caught Wayne as he was just finishing taking pictures from the boat.
The landmark bridge.....THE RIALTO BRIDGE .... with its shopping area. Still just amazing to see.
We bought shirts from this nice Italian guy. And YES the shirts are made here in Italy....not China! :-)
Back in the Hotel room, we were catching up on some e-mail and working on the blog. Don't know where we were getting the internet connection but we were sure grateful for it!

Tomorrow: Off to NESSELWANG GERMANY and spend the weekend with the Allgaier Cousins! Will be fun to see them again.

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