Monday, February 14, 2011

F * R * I * G * I * D
can best describe our P-Day today.....
sights and sounds of today!

I had my hair appointment this morning....that meant a 40 minute walk up and a 40 minute walk the FRIGIDLY COLD WEATHER. North Pole air coming down. And it felt like it ....... about -21c. I didn't realize how 'frosty' I was getting until Wayne took the picture! Proof in the picture......
In one of the neighborhoods we walked through the snow was just piled high! As it is all over the place!
And because today was HYVÄÄ YSTÄVÄNPÄIVÄ (Friends Day here in Finland and Valentine's Day everywhere else), Tuulla, my hairdresser, brought her two dogs in for a treat for us! What a pleasant surprise! WINSTON and OSSIE.....beautiful dogs. And so friendly once they got to know us!
Ossie sat on my lap for a little bit until the cutting got 'serious'!
A little pose for the group picture before we left! AAAHHH makes me homesick for a dog of my own again. But not until ALL missions are completed!
We headed downtown (crazy as we were with it being soooooo cold!) to see if we might be able to find Wayne's 'lost' keys from last November. Crazy because they are probably still buried under all of the snow and won't be found until this summer sometime when the snow can melt! And we will be long gone and back home.....but we had to at least try!
The snow looked like sparkly marshmallow piled up.
And even with the frigid weather we still found this 'street musician' playing beautiful music outside of Stockman's.
There was a beautiful blue sky (which was very deceiving!) with the moon glowing above.
And a beautiful view of the temple as we returned home about 4:30 p.m......just to round out our 'perfect' day. It has been a great HYVÄÄ YSTÄVÄNPÄIVÄ!!

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