Friday, February 25, 2011


We made one last little stop at a shop to pick up a couple of last minute gifts. This saleslady was so nice....we actually saw her on Thursday night too!
As we took our waterboat taxi back to our parked car at the edge of Venezia Island, we enjoyed taking our last look at the waterways and thinking of how much fun we had here in VENEZIA!
And it was another beautiful day here.....
Even the DOGS have a good life riding around on the boats with their masters.
This is where our car has been parked for the last 3 days. It is suppose to be the worlds LARGEST PARKING GARAGE. I do believe it is TRUE!
As we were driving through the WINE COUNTRY again, it was amazing to see just how these vineyards are 'positioned'! How do they do this!!
And how do they get these going up such steep hills!! They are crazy people!
We went from Italy to Austria to Switzerland to Germany today.....and the SNOW RETURNS!
AAAAHHHHH.......NESSELWANG! We feel like we are HOME!
We will be staying at TRAUDEL'S place for the next 3 days......this is a 350 year old home. Traudel's daughter, Andrea, is married to our cousin Gotfried Allgaier. It will be fun visiting with them again.
Tomorrow: More FAMILY visiting!

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