Sunday, February 6, 2011


We stayed 'close to home' again this weekend. We have been wanting to visit the Neitsytpolku Ward. Wayne attended that Wayne oh so many years ago and we haven't been there a lot. Today was THE day to go there. They have a great ward with a lot of young single adults....mainly because of the location of the building and the fact that it is close to the colleges in downtown Helsinki.
The building where the ward meets is actually the FINLAND MISSION OFFICE building. The INSTITUTE also meets here weekly. Hence, the above picture shows us and the Michie's by the pool table that can be found in the Institute room
After church was over, we had a little group picture taken outside the building and by the church sign......with the Mäkinen's (a Finnish couple serving in the temple with us missionaries) the Michie's and Us. It was a great day......
When we got back to the asuntola Veli Michie said he would take a couple of pictures of us for us.....rare to have both of us in a picture it seems. One of us is always behind the camera.
And another picture of us by the large pile of snow just outside the front door of the asuntola.
The day was complete with a GORGEOUS SUNSET.........AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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