Saturday, February 12, 2011

R * Y * I * J * Y
(Finnish handmade rug)

We are the happy owners of a very, very nice RYIJY! In fact, we purchased it 'used' from a great Finnish lady and her husband. She purchased it herself after she got her first job out of college some 50 years ago. It is a very traditional Finnish design. We fell in love with it when we saw it.
We have been told several times by several different Finnish ladies how to CLEAN our rug......have some really, really clean and COLD snow. Lay your rug in it and leave it for several hours. Then beat it and put it back in the house. DONE.....for another year!! Gets the bugs, dirt and anything else 'unwanted' out of the rug. I noticed our outdoor thermometer in the window this morning and realized that it would have been a PERFECT DAY to clean our rug IF only we had this weather in Maryland so I could!! I guess our rug just won't be able to get dirty for the next, say, 50 years!!

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