Thursday, March 3, 2011

(That would be Byron Paul Dixon that is!)

We arrived home from Germany and Italy on Monday evening late. We had Tuesday to 'recover'. Wednesday afternoon BP arrived here in Helsinki. It was so fun to see him here. He has been talking about coming for a visit for the past 22 months. He finally made it!
Thursday we trekked over to PORVOO for a look around.
The above picture is the old CHURCH in Olde Towne.
We just love going to Porvoo because it is so quaint. It is the 2ND OLDEST CITY IN FINLAND dating back to about 1364! Now, in my mind, that is OLD! The boys needed 'matching hats'......they are best buds from way back about 60 years plus ago.
He even took a picture of us.
Amazing discovery......look at those watches! The one of the right is Wayne's....he has had it for about 3 years. BP bought his (on the left, obviously) last week in Salt Lake City. Now is that freaky or what. And note the time.....exactly the same time, even down to the second hand! Are these guys alike or what!!
We went to an authentic RUSSIAN RESTAURANT last night with some friends from the temple. What a GREAT evening. It was truly an amazing 'dining event' that everyone should do at least one time when here in Helsinki!
The 'dining rooms' are divided into private rooms. We have the PRESIDENTTI HUONE....President's room. Plush, elegant rooms.
We had a great berry juice drink....delicious! Can't remember the name (something like Ligonberry) but it was great. This was a little 'pitcher' they brought for a refill.
And the 'presentation' of the food when they brought it......just amazing! Had to see it and taste it to really appreciate it.
Then to top it off, we had RUSSIAN ENTERTAINERS come and give us a private concert! They were fantastic!!
We ended the evening with BAKED ALASKA which was the first time I had had that ......possibly! Maybe only one other time. It was outstanding. What a great day.....hopefully BP had a great day too....even with his jetlag!

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