Friday, March 18, 2011

with over 300 made.......

YES......more than 300 counted cross stitch mini-picture Helsinki Temples and Bookmarks during the last almost 2 years that we have been here in Finland! I can hardly believe I have made that many. BUT.....I have. This is the LAST of my supplies. When these are gone.....I will have 'finished' this project! I hope I have enough to last the last 6 weeks of our mission. Have a great journey this has been for me. I have loved being able to share this little 'talent' with those that I have come to love here in Finland......and Russia and Estonia and Lithuania and Sweden! And a few other countries as well!!
Today Wayne and I had to go to the Posti to check on a 'LOST PACKAGE'.....well, at least we don't know exactly where it is. We know it made it to the US Customs in New York. It seems to be 'stuck' there. These 3 POSTI-LADIES are the best in the world. We love them.....and they are always smiling when they see us come in! They seem like FAMILY to us!
They were so AGREEABLE to having their picture taken with FLAT STANLEY today! They are good sports!
We showed them the pictures when we finished taking them.....they all agreed that they were okay! KIITOS PALJON!

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