Monday, March 21, 2011


We were at home for P-Day today. Can't believe we only have 5 more of these days before we go home. We packed another box to mail home.....and ran across this box that we received here last year. It was a 'fun' box because of all of the different postage stamps that were put on it. The Posti-lady in Brunswick did that for us we think! It was so fun!
I had my next-to-the-last hair appointment. We walked up to Tuula's place....about a 30 minute walk each way. There were lots of folks out walking in the 'spring like weather' with their ski sticks to help them avoid any falling on the slippery walks. There have been many, many broken bones lately because of the slick conditions! And it even snowed a little bit more today. SPRING - OH - SPRING - WHERE - ART - THOU!!
And...Oh, My, Goodness.......look who has arrived back at the asuntola!! YUPPER....Veli ja Sisar Ojala!!! How fun to have them back living here again. They will be here this time about 2 - 3 months. Long enough for us, at least, to enjoy them a bit!
We thought we better get a picture of the temple from 'their' living room window. They have more trees in their view than we do. Still a good view though don't you think!
Back in our apartment. We will be in SAVONNLINNA this weekend. We will be speaking in the Branch there. I wrote yet another talk, Wayne translated it for me. I then read it out loud so he could hear if he translated it correctly. Bless his heart. He is such a good translator for me!
THIS WEEK at the Temple: PERHE VIIKKO.....sure we will see lots of families we know!

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