Friday, March 25, 2011


So, as we were walking up to the Temple on Friday morning with a group of missionaries here from St. Petersburg (visa renewal) it was snowing ever so lightly. A pretty snow. We had one of the missionaries take our picture for us. Why not.....we don't really get those that often.
Friday evening we had a dinner appointment with Antero and Raili. We were able to have a very nice visit in their home. There is a 47 year 'connection' with Wayne and Antero. Wayne was able to teach the gospel to him oh so long ago. It was a wonderful evening. KIITOS PALJON....we will miss being able to see you.
KISSA, KISSA.....kitty, kitty!! They have two of them. This one was sitting on the steps poking it's little head through the opening. Just a watchin' everything! So Cute.
We thought we better get a picture of this 'whatever you want to call it' at the roundabout leaving their city. Very interesting! As all of these types of things are here in Finland. I would love to do a book just on the great statues and 'things like this' that they have here. The Finns are such great 'creators' of light!
Off to SAVONLINNA BRANCH this weekend. Our last weekend trip before leaving Finland! :-( We are realizing each day that time is slipping away oh so quickly!

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