Thursday, March 24, 2011

(that would be GRANDMA sitting.....Russian style) is NOT just the Finns who do this......put their babies, wrapped up of course, in a baby buggy and sit them outside in the COLD WEATHER to take naps!!! This was just the cutest picture of a sweet little BABUSHKA watching guard over her grand-baby while the mother and father were attending the temple.
Because this is PERHE VIIKKO (family week), we has been here all week attending the grand-baby while the parents attend the temple! Dedication, plus!!
This was yet another KAUNIS (beautiful) WANNABE - SPRING day here in Finland. Beautiful sunrise......
Beautiful BLUE sky all day.....wind was blowing quite a bit.....just like it was trying to be MARCH-WINDS or something!
And ending the day with a beautiful sunset!! Our days are definitely getting longer and that is so good!! AAAAHHHHH ........LOVE THAT SUNSHINE!

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