Saturday, March 19, 2011

V * I * I * K * K * O * !!

On Friday I just happened to look out the window.....and what did I see!! The
POSTI - LADY having delivered mail here to the asuntola. Notice how CLEAR that sidewalk is. Nice, huh!!
Well, guess what!! We got a couple of more inches of snow today. MITÄ!! Yes, this is Finland and it is STILL WINTER. Won't be spring before we leave to go home!
While I was warm INSIDE enjoying the beauty of the soft-falling snow from the comforts of our bedroom window (relaxing after working in the temple).....
Wayne was with Veli Vorimo ja Veli Zaretski and headed to the SAUNA....Saturday afternoon tradition.
P* L*E*A*S*E tell me what can be so relaxing and 'fun' about this little 'exercise'!! Hot....then cold.....Hot.....then cold.....Hot.....then cold......3 or 4 times at least.
Obviously they all enjoyed it and they even survived!! Just give me the warm comforts of our apartment! :-)

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