Saturday, March 26, 2011


As a young missionary here in Finland some 47 years ago, Wayne spent a lot of time in Savonlinna Branch. He has some wonderful memories of his time spent here....the wonderful people especially. And several of those people are still here and very active in the Branch! We are so excited that we had the opportunity to be here one last time before we finish our mission and go home in one short month!
It IS still winter here in Finland......and the beauty of the drive made the 5 hour trip so nice.
And, of course, we had the company of our 'weekend traveling buddies'.....Kent and Barbara Michie. We have LOVED traveling with them and always have so much fun. Kent and I must have been have a 'good discussion' about something....and Wayne got us on his camera! We stopped at this ABC for a little snack to take with us on the road.
We happened upon sections where it was snowing. Got to love those HUGE snow plows. They know how to get the job done here in Finland!!
And in other sections of our drive it was just 'clear road ahead' which was so nice.....and getting a pretty sunset to boot!
We are staying 2 nights at this BEST WESTERN RESORT and CASINO. We found out from the desk lady that there really is NO Casino.....the builder thought it was a 'catchy' title and therefore stuck that on the end of the name. We can't wait to see the view of the lake out are room window in the morning. AND DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME starts tonight! So, already we have lost one hour.

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