Tuesday, March 8, 2011

W * O * N * D * E * R * F * U * L..........
to be back in the TEMPLE this week!!

With the temple being closed for the last two weeks, it has seemed like a very, very long time. We are so glad to be back in the Temple and back to a 'normal' schedule again.
For our P-Day yesterday we walked up to the Posti and to Lidl's to pick up a few things. For the most part we were just trying to get ready to be back in the temple again......and so happy about that.
We have a group of SINGLE ADULTS here this week. From all over......and many from RUSSIA! And LOTS of other folks as well. A group from TURKU, RAUMA, OULU and several other areas. So many familiar faces......so wonderful to see them again. We are going to miss them so much when we go home next month!! This weekend we will be headed up to OULU to speak in their Sacrament Meeting. So it is good to see a few familiar faces here this week!! :-)

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