Wednesday, March 9, 2011


And it has been a wonderful week so far. The 'new hours' seem to be working well for the folks who have come so far this week. They really like the one-hour-later starting time. It is helping with 'rush-hour' traffic!
We have lots of folks here from all parts of Finland....some familiar faces! And so wonderful to see them again. And we also have a group from Russia...again, familiar faces that we are excited to see. Above is Anna. This is her first time here in the Helsinki Temple. She is such a bubbly young lady and speaks very good English. Yes, I made her a little temple to remember her trip.
We have had several groups of missionaries serving in Russia. They are here to get their visas renewed. Wayne had 'asuntola desk duty' and I decided to do some ipad work with him. The Elders came in, immediately asked if that was an ipad! They were excited to see one 'up close and personal'. When I asked if they wanted to 'touch' it their response was so cute.......'This is not our P-Day. We are not suppose to work on computers except on P-Day.' They are wonderful!! They know that we, Senior Missionaries, have different 'rules'!
I was making some little 'tags' with our America-Home contact information to give to folks as we begin the 'leaving for home' process. Wayne took a picture of me working. (BTW...ironing boards make a great 'table' when you don't have one handy!) As I looked at the picture on the computer in the background I noticed it was of me when I was about 16 years old! What are the chances of that happening!! I thought that was kind of amazing!!
YES, got to have a sunset picture. It was very, very pretty tonight. Just can't seem to get enough of those. We don't have that many more chances to be able to take to do it while we can!!

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