Sunday, March 13, 2011


We have had a wonderful day here with the Saints in the Oulu Branch! We know so many of them from the temple.
The grounds of the chapel of buried deep with the surprise there. This is Finland and it is winter!!
One of the favorite things for the kids to do after church is play in the snowbanks! And there is no exception to that here. The kids are always supervised by an older, responsible person. They are just so cute when they go sliding down the banks.
This group of neighborhood kids were playing ICE HOCKEY........and their goal thingie (post, maybe) was in the street. Why is not a busy street! They looked like they were having fun.
We had the Elders take our 'traditional' picture in front of the chapel. KIITOS PALJON Veljet!
Sisar Pyykkö invited us over for dinner. She is so sweet. She is a temple worker. We got to know her best when we served a recent mission in the Helsinki Finland Mission Office and she would come to the temple once a week and serve as an ordinance worker. She still comes and works in the temple when she can get there. It is a very long trip and costs a lot of money to come. I made her a bookmark, which she is holding. Sisar Brown, Mission President's wife, also made her a cross stitch picture when she was released from her mission in the office back last November. She is so wonderful. Yet, another friend we are going to miss terribly!! I was also able to make and give 4 more cross stitch pictures and bookmarks to friends in Oulu Branch.
We gave our talks in Sacrament Meeting (in Finnish of course). After the meeting the Branch President asked us to come to his home in the evening and help with a YOUTH FIRESIDE. The topic: THE TEMPLE. We were delighted to help with that. The Branch President lives with his wife and 6 children in this beautiful home not too far from the church. It has been a wonderful day in OULU!! So wish we could come back again. Maybe on another mission to Finland!! :-)

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