Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S ~ P ~ R ~ I ~ N ~ G ~ !!!

It felt so good outside!! Wanted to be out there to enjoy the beautiful weather. It gave us HOPE that Spring just might come after all this year! And before we leave Finland!
As we were walking home from the temple this afternoon we saw the green bushes peeking their little heads out from under the snow!! Looked like they were even smiling a bit!
And even the RHODENDRUM bushes had their heads peeking out! (sorry, can't remember how to spell that name anymore....but you know what I mean I am sure!)
We just could NOT stand it any longer. We wanted a little color in all of that white stuff. We put our little wooden flowers (that we bought in Tallinn last year) in the snow to brighten it up.
Looks pretty good HUH!! AAHH.....spring WILL come! We are sure of it!

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