Sunday, March 6, 2011

WITH BP.....

We have had so much fun with BP here that we have hardly had time (or even taken time) to breathe! We have crammed a LOT into a few short days with him. And bless his heart.....he has had a bad case of JETLAG!! :-) KIITOS PALJON for 'sticking' with us!
The picture below is one of my favorite shots of all time. It was take from the top of the staircase inside the EDUSKUNTATALO (Parliament House) in downtown Helsiniki. Wayne decided we could make it to the 12:30 tour of this building. Only given on Saturday's.
I got a picture of the 'boys' outside when we finished. It was a beautiful day but very, very windy and therefore very cold.
When we finished there we walked over to the SIBELIUS statue......he is one Finland's best known composers. We love his music. This is a very cool statue in honor of him. It was still windy.....notice my hair!
And got a picture of the 'three' of them! Wayne, Sibelius, BP......
The main part of the statue is a cluster of pipes.....just neat to see.....and walk around underneath.....
BP decided to take a picture laying on the ground and looking up.....we have done that 'pose' ourselves.
When we finished downtown we came back and met the Michie's to head over to SELLO to CHICO's for dinner together. Now, here's a 'small world in the church' story for you.....BP and Barbara were in the same ward in Stanford California and knew the same people. What a hoot for them to be able to 'relive the good ole' days'!! What are the chances.
We took BP to the airport for his flight back to Virginia early Sunday morning. We headed over to church at the NEITSYTPOLKU BRANCH with the Michie's. I had made a cross stitch bookmark for Sisar Lahti. She is a volunteer in the Temple office. I have loved working with her for the past almost 2 years.
As we were driving home we drove along the shore line. We could not believe all of the activity out on the ice of the GULF OF FINLAND!! So many people walking around and having some kind of activity on there.....that would make me nervous!
It has been a while since I have included a temple picture here. Today was time.....a beautiful SUNSET! On a KAUNIS TALVIE PÄIVÄ!!
THIS WEEK AT THE TEMPLE: SINGLE ADULT WEEK.....and it is looking to be a busy one. It will be GREAT to be back to work in the temple. We have missed being there these past two weeks with the temple being closed.

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