Friday, March 18, 2011

HOW FUN......

We got an letter from our granddaughter, Kristyn Marie. She is doing a school project called Flat Stanley. This little paper doll is sent by the students in Kristyn's class to people they know who are anywhere around the world. We are suppose to take Flat Stanley with us and take pictures. At the end of an allotted time we are to send the pictures back to the school. The class will then learn about different parts of the world. Great IDEA! SO........
yesterday the Michie's and we took the Metsäthähti's out the lunch. They have been living in the asuntola for the past few months and working in the temple along with us during that time. They are headed back to their home in Turku this weekend. It has been wonderful to be able to work with them! What a great couple they are. SO Flat Stanley got a 'free' lunch today at Sello.
Svetlana, from St. Petersburg, has been here this week. She is such a sweetie!! We will miss her. This will be the last time we get to see her smiling face. She was so sweet and brought us a few little things from Russia.
It has been a wonderful day.....can not believe it is already the end of the week. Where does the time go to!!

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