Friday, March 11, 2011

W * H * A * T

Spring has definitely NOT come to Finland yet........Spring, oh where art thou!! It was a beautiful snow as we woke up and headed up to the temple. We are ready for a change though. We fear we will not see spring until we get to our home in America the end of April. It probably won't be here to Finland until late May!
When we got home from the temple we checked CNN and this was the 'opening' page of Google.....The JAPAN Earthquake and Tsunami to follow! Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are being affected by this huge disaster.
As the sun began to set, the sky just lit up with a gorgeous SUNSET, even after the snowy weather we have had all day! Soooooooo pretty!
And that must mean a trip for us. Actually, we have a 'free' Saturday this week. It is our rotation in that cycle the Temple President set up for the Temple Missionaries about 18 months ago. We have enjoyed being able to travel and visit the wards and branches all over Finland. We LOVE seeing the great Saints in all parts of this wonderful country!
We are headed to OULU......way up by the Arctic Circle. On the map above, you can see OULU at the bottom, center of the map. And you can see Rovaniemi at the top, center of that same map.
Now, look at the map below and you can see a better 'relationship' as to where we are going. Espoo/Helsinki is at the bottom, center of that map. Oulu is closer to the top, center. Not real close. That is why we can't just go on a Saturday night so easily.
We will catch the overnight train today, Friday, and have a sleeper-car. They are actually very comfortable beds on them. We did this one other time when we went to the Arctic Circle. Once there we will pick up our rental car. We are excited to visit the Branch and some of the members there. We will both be giving talks (in Finnish, of course) in Sacrament Meeting. (BTW....the trip by train takes about 9 hours)

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