Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Don't know where the weeks go to! It is the middle of the week and it feels like the week just started. Time is flying by so fast. With the recent sunny days and temps actually getting above the freezing mark, the snow is beginning the melt-down process. Wayne was out helping Matti 'find' the drain so they could get it un-iced! That is always a huge help. Wayne looked back at pictures pre-snow days and knew exactly where to 'find' it.
I wore my 'regular' shoes for the first time yesterday! Felt a l
ittle weird since I have worn these BOOTS every single day since last November. My boots, I decided, are much more comfortable than regular shoes. These boots.....if only they could talk! They have literally walked all over Finland during the past two years. From top to bottom and side to side!! Not to mention a lot of Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany and probably a lot of other places I can't remember!! AAAHHH......such wonderful memories they bring to my mind!
Wayne and I were headed over to the hospital to visit a s
weet friend. As we were leaving the asuntola we heard a helicopter overhead. That is unusual here. Don't think we have heard a helicopter but one other time in the last 2 years. Discovered it was landing in the field behind the asuntola. Medivac Heli for some reason. Never did figure out what for. Veli Zaretskji was already over at the snow pile climbing to the top for a better view.
AND BACK TO THE DRAIN........As we were walking up to the temple, Matti and a friend (with his grandchild helping) were making great headway on opening the DRAIN up. Nice work guys.....and are these little Finn children just not the most adorable all dressed up in their cute little snow suits!! You just want to pick each one of them up and give them great big hugs!! SO CUTE!!
After the temple last night, we had our 'regular' Wednesday night m
eeting with the President and Matron in their apartment. Only tonight would be a bit different!! We were going to have a CPR version. We needed to be 'prepared' in case of a medical emergency so we could help in whatever way is needed.
The President is 'helping' to get 'Resusci -Annie' ready....batteries in place.....and ready to go.
We all got a 'turn' trying to save her. Wayne did the best job of all!! I think I want him on my 'side' if I ever need any help like that.
Great Day.......on to TORSTAI! And it will be busy as well.......

AND THIS JUST ADDED!! Late entry but.....Sisar Metsäthäti sent this picture to us from last night. Has 'Annie' in the foreground and Wayne and I in the background! Kiitos Paljon Cornelia! Fun evening of learning.....

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