Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A * S * U * N * T * O * L * A

The 'hazard' of our apartment facing the temple is that we see lots of 'things'! It is NOT that we sit and watch for 'things'. It is that you just can't miss them when you are right in front of them. Tuesday was no exception. A bus pulled up and this group of folks got off. Wayne was 'summonsed' to the asuntola desk. Matti was having trouble understanding their English. As it turns out, this is a group of American School Teachers teaching English in Moscow Schools. They are on a break from school and decided to 'tour' around. Hence, they came to Finland and decided to come to the temple.
AND....again, while looking out the window guess who (or what) came hopping by!! Yes.....the TEMPLE HARE!!! It is just one BIG guy! And we were able to get some good fotos of him this time. He is a slippery little guy.
While visiting Antero last week he pulled out a picture 'from the past' of Wayne and gave it to him. This was taken by Antero about 47 years ago. Wayne, as a young missionary, was making some homemade ice cream with his companion. Now there's a picture!!
WHAT is this......more snow!! It is suppose to be SPRING!! Well, Wayne was out doing more SNOW WORK!!!
We hope we are almost D * O * N * E with the snow work!!
Tampere Stake this week. Lots of familiar faces and friends here. So good to see them again!

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