Wednesday, March 30, 2011

K * E * S * K * I * V * I * I * K * K * O

It was a fun day! Just 'little' things happening.....

I realized, after looking out this living room window taking a picture of Wayne, that I had never taken a foto of our little Swedish Flower Hanging we have had in our window for the past two years. Well.....need a foto of that don't we!
We are on the afternoon shift this week. It is TAMPERE VIIKKO. Kyllikki was there today. Wayne baptized her about 47 years ago. We had her over for a little dessert after the temple closed. She didn't get to stay long because she needed to catch a bus to her daughter's home. How fun to get caught up on things with her. We will miss her terribly!! It was the last time we would see her before going home next month!
SO MANY 'LASTS'!! They are hard to do!
Just for fun I thought I would add what sometimes shows up on GOOGLE.....celebration thingies! This was a cute one!!

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