Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is GENERAL CONFERENCE weekend all around the world! And, by virtue of that, ALL Temples around the world are closed on Saturday. We decided to head up north to LATHI with the Michie's and Herman's.
"Herman's"....who are they? They are not new Temple missionaries but they are missionaries.....Church History Missionaries. They are 'stationed' in the Frankfurt, Germany office. They are here in Finland to do some Church History as part of their assignment. Since they are here for the weekend they wanted to come with us. The more the MERRIER......
Once to Lahti we decided to 'divide and conquer' with what we wanted to do....the girls headed out shopping!! Well....that is what girls like to do.
The boys, on the other hand, were out to the the Local Churches and statues and sights around town. Wayne was able to find a 2nd copy of the KALEVALA book (which our 1st copy is in BOX #3.....which has not shown up at our home in Brunswick yet......we are hoping it does!).
I remember on our first trip to Lahti about 3 years ago Wayne and I first saw these SKI JUMPS right here in the middle of town. Yup....there they were still standing. Incredible sight to behold.
Complete with the SKIER STATUE......with Wayne 'tagging' along behind.
We got home in time to change clothes and head over to pick up the Suominen's for a little 'double-date'! Is that allowed for senior missionaries? We attended the 25th ANNIVERSARY production/celebration of the NURMIJÄRVEN TANSSIOPISTO (Dance School) which was begun by Ulla Lehtinen. What a fantastic evening.
There she is in the final performance joining in with some of the students! What an incredible evening it was!!! Well done.....all of you great dance students.

AND.....we got home in time to get back in the car and head to the AIRPORT!!

ANDREW and GERALYN have arrived to visit us for a week!!!! Let the F * U * N begin!!!
They looked so good and didn't even look like they were tired!! Even though they did NOT sleep a wink on that long flight.....SLC to Paris (with a 7-hour layover) and finally arrived in Helsinki at 11:00 p.m. What a wonderful week this is going to be.....They are the last of our 6 children to come and visit us while we are here on our mission. They barely squeaked this visit in before we leave our mission and go home!

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