Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A * A * M * U * K * A * A * M * P * P * A......

Know what that means? Nope.....well, Wayne learned yesterday from one of the local Finns that when you are in the Finnish Military they use a COMB to 'count down their days in the military' when they get close to the end. This Finn taught Wayne to do this with the remaining days we have left! We are NOT trunky.....just trying to 'realize' that we are about to have a 'reality-check'! So, Wayne decided to keep track the Finnish Military way.
TUESDAY in Hameenlinna.....can you believe it......the CASTLE was closed when we got there at 4:15 p.m. We checked on the internet and sure enough it said they stayed open until 6:00 p.m. during the January - end of April time! SWEET!!! Off we went. Well.....the information on the website is NOT up to date! Very disappointed.
We walked around and saw what we could though. We even got picture with 'FLAT STANLEY'.....I think 'he' enjoyed the walk.
We decided to walk around downtown HAMEENLINNA to see if we could find any 'stores' to shop in. Even they were closing......bummer! It was a very nice drive though. And the weather was good.
We stopped at an A-B-C on the way home and had some delicious dinner. No foolin' was good!
WEDNESDAY was a 'catch up day' in the morning for A and G. They came up to the temple about 11:30 a.m. and were able to do some temple work. They enjoyed that. As we were walking back to the asuntola we stopped and talked with Sisar Haikkola (Temple Matron). A & G had not had a chance to meet her yet. She was actually 'scrapping' some of the slushy stuff off of the parking spaces.
Wayne and Andy took over for her.....not the kind of thing the Matron should be out there doing. Andy was hoping to be able to shovel some snow.....slushy ice stuff will have to do!
It was 'easy' to shovel up too......
Then it was off to SELLO for some late lunch/early dinner at CHICO'S. And a little more shopping.
Wayne had the ASUNTOLA DUTY tonight. Andy decided he wanted to help with that.
Fun on a little 'road trip' tomorrow afternoon and Friday. The only day we have taken off to go 'visiting' with the kids while they are here.

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