Sunday, April 17, 2011


It hardly seems possible that 2 YEARS have almost gone. How?? When?? Why?? No Way!! We gave our LAST TALKS here in Finland today when we visited the Kereva Ward. That just doesn't seem right. We have given some 16 or 18 talks here in Finland....all in Finnish, of course. What a blessing it has been for us.
Veli ja Sisar Peciulius made the trip with us. It was a wonderful day....and a beautiful spring day as well. Piispa Soininen and Sisar Soininen (Bishop and Sister) have been so wonderful to us over these past 2 years. We will miss them terribly! KIITOS PALJON to all of our friends in this ward!
Back at home.....Wayne took one more 'thingie' off of our count-down comb. It is getting smaller and smaller!
A simple lunch today. BUT we topped it off with our favorite ice cream AINO chocolate! My oh My....we will miss this delicious taste of Finland as well!!
The weather was so beautiful we actually OPENED OUR WINDOWS to let in some fresh air. It was about a +15 C (or about 70 degrees F). Notice the packing boxes stacked up.......
that will be our P-DAY tomorrow! And the suitcases are out of storage and ready to be packed as well. Got to get organized here!!

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