Monday, April 11, 2011


We had a very productive day preparing those boxes (yes, more of them) for mailing to our home. We got up this morning to a great SUNRISE and we knew it would be a productive day.
We love our pretty Sunrises and Sunsets! This time of the year is great for that.
Going through cabinets and drawers and sorting has been good for us today...accomplished so much. And gave lots of goodies away...put them in the laundry room for whoever wanted them.
And we found the EASTER BUNNY putting fresh GREENS in our little vase on our chair. We 'caught' her in the ACT of being so HELPFUL. She is so cute!! Kiitos Sisar Peciuliene.
Can't tell you how many trips to the TRASH ROOM today. That proves we were productive. But, hey, the trash bags are really, really small. That is my excuse.
YOU SEE....I DID it....I got my CHRISTMAS GOAT in a suitcase so I don't have to leave him behind! I was determined that I was going to take him home with me. I have had him for
1 1/2 years (or 2 Christmas's) and didn't want to leave him behind!
TWO MORE BOXES going to the POSTI this week!! They love to see us coming there. GREAT P-DAY.....and this is
ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA VIIKKO!!! Seeing lots of great friends coming in to the Asuntola today. Will be a wonderful week!!

Got away from us
before I had a chance to add to the BLOG!!

We started Sunday morning off very early (6:00 a.m.) to take Andy and Geralyn to the AIRPORT to catch their return flight home.
It was sad to see them go because we have had a WONDERFUL VIIKKO and have done so much.
It was softened a lot by the fact that we will be visiting them in their home in just ONE MONTH!!!! Can not believe that.
On the way home we had a great SUNRISE and got a shot of the temple that we don't normally get on camera. In fact, I don't think we have more than about one other picture from this vantage point. We were able to come home and rest for a few more hours. We decided we would attend the ESPOO 1st WARD which meets in the afternoon. AAHH for the extra rest.
After church MARI invited us over for dinner in her apartment. Bless her heart....she is still trying to unpack and get settled from her recent move. And she still had us over. The company was GREAT. We love talking with her. She is so easy to talk to. She is the Office Manager at the Temple.
We obviously LOVED the berry pie she made for dessert!! Only left her a little, little bit. And she is a lover of Polish Stoneware as well. Love that myself and have lots at home. At least I think I did when we left!!

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