Saturday, April 9, 2011

F * U * L * L
DAY in Espoo

It was a super busy day at the temple. It was Helsinki Stake Relief Society day and the sisters came out in great numbers. All went well from our perspective.....Wayne and I were the shift leaders today. We were very relieved when the day was finished and we felt good about how good things had gone. Andy and Geralyn came up to attend the last session at 1:00 p.m. Wasn't really room for them earlier than that.
We remembered it was another FLAG DAY here in Finland as well. At least A & G got to see the flag flying while they were here. It was a beautiful day......very windy and chilly but beautiful.
How about this for a desert!! SO DELICIOUS!! Loved every morsel of it!! We headed over to the Voutilainen's for dinner.
We love this family. They have been so sweet to us and we will miss them. Turns out that Veli Voutilainen took some music classes from Geralyn's father who is a professor in the music department at BYU-Provo. Small world....
Equal opportunity here for us as well.....probably the last time we will see them before we leave.
Arriving back at the asuntola we found a 'party' going on in the main 'greeting' area downstairs. There were 5 young missionaries who came from Yketerinburg, Russia for visa renewals. Veli Michie and the Zaretski's and Veli Ojala were there talking up a storm with them. We had to join in the fun for a few minutes as well.....
We just LOVE all of these great people. The time is flying by and our final good-byes are coming all too quickly!
What a wonderful week it has been with Andy and Geralyn. Next trip to the airport will be OUR turn to leave!!

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