Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is our LAST Sunday in the Helsinki Finland Temple Mission. The day was a gorgeously beautiful day. Could not have asked for a nicer SPRING day! When the 'seasons' change, they change very quickly. We thought we would get one more foto of the 'temple background' on this special day.
As it turns out, all of the temple missionaries attended the HAAGA WARD plus the Ojala's went with us.
When we returned home, the Haikkola's were driving in at the same time. Time for one last foto with the 'group' and having the Haikkola's join us.
And ONE MORE 'tooth' from the AAMUKAMPPA. And that makes 5 days left!
We were given so many EASTER GOODIES! This delicious have seen that already.....made especially for us by our sweet Maiju Welling.
We got some freshly made KARJALA PIIRAKKA.....a Finnish 'staple' here.
And a variety of handmade decorated EASTER EGGS!!!
We have some very crafty, creative missionaries (and other great sisters) around here. SO TALENTED!

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