Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sharing a few 'things' from the last two days. We are packing as much in to our days as we can.
We got a cute Russian Wedding invitation this week.....and what a wonderful couple this is! We have 'watched' them over the past 23 months go from their wedding! They will be great leaders in their homeland of Russia someday. But to quote them...."They already are!" And indeed they ARE!!
My WINTER COAT has found a great 'new home'!! Spasiba Sisar Zaretskaja!! I am so glad you can use it!!
Wayne will be turning the 'car czar' duties over to Veli temple missionary couple who arrived here two days ago! Notice that bus in the background. We had a busload of great folks come down from the OULU area yesterday!! Wow....a lot of friends and familiar faces!! So glad we have been able to see them one last time!
Another dinner appointment Thursday night with Sisar Suonpää. What a great lady. We will always remember her at the Ward Librarian in the Haaga Ward. She was recently released but that is how we will remember her.
What a wonderful cook she is too!! She even pulled out the MÄMMI for Wayne....once she found out he liked it! What a sweetheart!
Lest we forget about this.....I actually tried a little bite. It taste a lot like SHOOFLY PIE from the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Actually not too bad!!
Finland is one GIANT ROCK!!! Everywhere are rocks......Wayne LOVES those rocks. He is trying to figure out how to take one or two home with us. We certainly have a 'perfect' place in our yard for one or two!
Here he is trying to pick this one up....or maybe just HUG it. I don't think it will 'pass' luggage inspection...too big and too heavy!!
You KNOW I just have to share a couple more sunset and sunrise pictures don't you!!
We are going to miss this view when we get can NOT be replaced!!
Can we just say, for the record, that we will miss our beautiful Finland and the beautiful PEOPLE and everything about what we have been doing here for the past 23 months! KIITOS PALJON.....I just said it!

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