Friday, April 8, 2011


Our time here in Finland with Andy and Geralyn is going by way too fast! Just like it did when the other kids came to visit. Don't like that but what can we do!

THURSDAY evening we visited the Multamäki's in Mäntyharu. We are going to miss that entire family when we go home. We LOVE them! They are so wonderful. They are so kind and giving and loving. They are what the Finns are all like! We feel we just don't deserve their generosity. This was probably our last time to see them before we go home in 3 weeks. Sisar Multamäki is so cute and reminds us of Grandma Allgaier so much. KIITOS PALJON!!
They were kind enough to let Andy and Geralyn 'experience' their SAUNA!! They loved their first time doing this.
We spent the night in KOUVOLA, half way between Mäntyharu and Porvoo (where we actually spent the morning on Friday!).
FRIDAY......SPRING may have actually come to Finland this week....even with the snow still around.
We did a little shopping in the OLDE CITY and had no problems finding cute little things.
Andy and Geralyn loved the quaintness of the town.
Visiting the church is also a MUST.
Andy and Geralyn LOVED the frozen Gulf of Finland with the ships 'frozen' in place.
And.....SPRING has come to HELSINKI too........
Love our favorite little shop in downtown.
AND......look who we ran in to while downtown walking around! How fun to see them there and talk with them.....the Vorimo's. Great couple of days......can't believe they have to go home in two days!

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