Friday, April 29, 2011

1......DAY LEFT

Not liking this!! Can't do anything about it. We will just have to come back after our next mission
We have a very warm, loving 'exit' visit with the entire Temple Presidency and the Matron and one of her assistants before leaving the temple this morning. We were given our RELEASE certificates. A real treasure for us. Bittersweet. We hope we have served well! We have tried.
'Paparazzi' Zaretski came up to the temple just in time to take a picture as we were leaving. Bless his heart.
Wayne and 'Paparazzi' together.....
and me with 'Mamarazzi' .......
Getting down to the asuntola proved to be a great 'journey' and seeing everyone. Veli Jäkkö with his salute! Don't know how that all started almost 2 years ago but it did. That is our greeting each time we see each other!
And he wanted to take another picture of us......great job!
With the 'summer benches' in place as of today, we had to sit on them and try them out. The flowers will be planted on Monday.....missed them by 2 days! Oh Man.....
The gardner lady wanted to take our picture by 'her' flowers because they are so pretty and she is proud of them....rightfully so too!
We were able to 'wrap things up' ...... productive afternoon......last 2 boxes mailed, suitcases packed.
When we got back from the Posti, Maiju was waiting for us. She wanted to say one last good-bye! She is counting on our return in 2 years. She will be waiting for us in OULU!!
F.I.N.L.A.N.D.......WE WILL BE BACK!!! We have left a LARGE part of us here...we need to come back and 'claim' it! NÄKEMIIN......Good-Bye!


  1. Parting can be such sweet sorrow! You're served well! What an experience. Treasured memories (and friendships) for eternity. Welcome Home.

  2. Kiitos.....Kiitos....Kiitos......