Saturday, April 16, 2011

R + A + M + D + O + M +-N + E + S + S

Don't know if that is a 'real' word or not but I have a few pictures to share from FRIDAY and SATURDAY.

On Friday we needed to run a couple of 'quick' errands over at City Market at Sello. We decided that we wanted to take a picture with Wayne in the 'banana patch' since we are there like every other day. With permission from the Fresh Produce Manager, we snapped a quick one. And we showed the picture to the Manager and he approved. He actually thought that was a 'cute' idea. Bless his heart.
We got some FINNISH CANDY to put in the box with 'Flat Stacey' to mail back to Kristyn Marie's school for a project we have been helping with. Kiitos Tina for the idea of the candy. That should be a big hit with her classmates.
Before the Testimony Meeting the Russian have on Friday evening (tradition) we were able to gather most of them for a FOTO op. They are just the greatest group from Viipuri (Viborg) and St. Petersburg. We are going to bring them all home with us.
On Saturday after finishing our work in the temple we often will go out to eat. We are tired and don't feel like fixing anything decent. We, along with the Michie's, went to IKEA because they have good food and it is cheap. Missionaries like 'cheap'!
No meal is ever complete without a stop at McDONALD'S for their ice cream special.....
1 euro!! Can you believe that!
When we got back to the asuntola we noticed President Haikkola sweeping the sidewalk on the side of the building. In going over to talk to him he told us that Sisar Haikkola was planting flowers on the back porch. We had to go investigate. Sure enough......there they being planted and looking great! Even with a little snow still around we think SPRING just may be here finally!!
With all of that melting snow in the back of the asuntola, the STREAM has risen to a height that we have not seen for a long time. It was getting to be impressive looking!
We have some dinner appointments this week so we picked up some pretty ORCHIDS because they were so pretty. It is 'traditional' to give a flower when one goes to a dinner appointment.
It has been a bit hard today with saying so very many, many GOOD-BYES!!! Not only to the Russians but also to some Finns who will be going on LOMA (vacation) and not return before we leave to go home. Amongst those tears of good-bye, we got some very special gifts from some of our dear Russian friends! Bless their hearts. We will treasure these things deeply.
What a wonderful week this has been. It has flown by way too fast though. Less than two weeks now. Wayne and I will be giving talks (in Finnish, of course) tomorrow in the KEREVA WARD. Will let you know how that goes. It will be the last time we give talks here in Finland.

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