Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are on the afternoon shift this week (except for Friday when President Haikkola put us on the morning shift so we can do the 'final packing' Friday afternoon).

We were trying to FINE-TUNE the weight limits for each box being shipped home and each suitcase to be checked on at the airport. It will be close! Very, very close!
As we headed over to the POSTI again this morning to mail more boxes we noticed the DAFFODILS in full bloom and just gorgeous!
We have our little 'routine' for going to the Post with our boxes! Get the CART first.......
and that makes it easier to 'carry' the boxes inside. Saves greatly on the muscle-power.
These FOUR boxes were right at the weight limit of 15 kilos each. That would be about 33 lbs each.
And then there were 4 DAYS LEFT!..........

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