Monday, April 18, 2011

O * N * E

One P-Day that is! Today was a very productive day of packing, sorting, giving away, and more packing and a lot of cleaning! With leaving next week and a busy week this week at the temple, we had to move quickly today to accomplish so much. And we DID!

I finished my MISSION CROSS STITCH PICTURE this morning before I started the work. 'EXPECT A MIRACLE EVERY DAY'. Perfect for my personal motto of our mission here. We have seen MIRACLES every day.
Wayne needed to do some more physical work.....and not the packing and cleaning kind. He wanted to do a little more SNOW WORK! He spread the piles of snow out so it could melt more quickly.....maybe even before we go home. Don't know if that is possible or not but he is sure trying!
The suitcases will be sitting in the floor until we leave....part of the 'furniture' at this point.
Then it was off to our FAREWELL DINNER with the Temple Presidency and other temple missionaries. What GREAT food had been prepared for us. ALL of IT was wonderful.
Attending were: President ja Sisar Haikkola, President ja Sisar Vorimo, President ja Sisar Roto, Veli ja Sisar Koponen, Veli ja Sisar Peciulius, Veli ja Sisar Zaretskji, Veli Pavel, Sisar Alen, Veli ja Sisar Ojala, Veli ja Sisar Michie.
What a great group of people.
We will miss them all very, very much.
President Roto had to leave a little early so we missed getting him in the picture.
Maybe we will just take everyone home with us.
We DO look forward to a very busy, busy week this week and next week.

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