Wednesday, December 22, 2010

although it is always WONDERFUL in the temple.

Meet Sisar Kirsi Marja Kiilavouri from the Kymenlaakso Branch in Kouvola. We met her for the first time this past Sunday as we were visiting there with the Groberg's and Michie's. What a sweet, sweet lady she is. She came to the temple today for her own endowment! She has not been a member very long. I found that hard to believe because she seemed like she has been a member all her life. What a pleasure to know her and YES, I made her a cross stitch picture of the temple!
When we finished working in the temple this morning, Wayne took a walk around (in daylight) to see how the snow situation make sure the emergency doors were cleared away. He has done a great job in keeping the snow 'down' to a good level!
Wayne 'caught' me looking out our apartment window watching him come home! He finished a little later than I did at the temple.
Bless Pavel's heart......he gave us a BOX OF RUSSIAN CHOCOLATES for Christmas. I have to tell you that the Russian candy is pretty good......this kind was especially good. And what an adorable box!
We headed out for a couple of quick errands again.....SELLO........Sun was setting....this is pretty much as high as it gets in the sky these days.
And......then over to JORVIN HOSPITAL to see Sisar Roslöf again. Since she was in surgery for the 5th time yesterday when we went by, we did not get to see her. Today, we had LUCK and there she was. She seemed quite chipper today.
Beautiful sky as we were leaving the hospital about 4:15 p.m.

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